Bergmanfestival 1st and 2nd of July

IMG_3713Dancing the role of Elisabeth in the new creation ’Persona’ by choreographer Joakim Stephenson in the Bergman festival on Fårö the 1st and 2nd of July. Four choreographers have been invited to create an evening of dance ’Bergmans voice through the choreographers eye’. Through free interpretation of Ingmar Bergmans films and scripts, with focus on relationships and the transformation of spoken word into movement. The performance will be filmed for Swedish Television

For more info and tickets: Bergmanveckan

Dying Swan in Hagaparken 6th of June

25000 in the audience in Hagaparken.

25000 in the audience in Hagaparken.

Dancing the famous ’Dying Swan’ with music by Camille Saint-Saëns, live harp and cello, in Hagaparken the 6th of June when the Royal Opera celebrates the National Day with dance, opera, song and music. Bring a pick-nick basket and come join us, free entrance, art for all!

Short video from rehearsal :IMG_3916


Chanel PàP 16/17

Chanel PàP 16/17

Chanel flew me to Paris, dressed me à la Coco, and invited me to see the pret à porter 2016/17 fashion show ’front row only’ by Karl Lagerfeld at Grand Palais. I was honored and grateful to be chosen as a ”Swedish Ambassador” and in May Chanel will open it’s first store in Sweden in Stockholm on Birger Jarlsgatan 7.


Odette/Odile in Swanlake with the Royal Swedish Ballet

”She embodies the romantic ideal woman, vulnerable and with melancholic pleading arms… That she masters an entirely different aspect as well is seen in her convincing portrayal of Odile she dances a modern  ”femme fatale”, unbeatable! – Svenska Dagbladet


Solveig in Per Gynt with the Royal Swedish Ballet 

”Nathalie Nordquist, a loving Solveig, has the ability to hold the stage both in dance and in stillness” – Dance Europe


Cinderella in Cinderella (Cendrillon) with the Monte-Carlo Ballet.

Although there was only one dysfunctional family, it resembled ”Romeo and Juliet” in the youthful exuberance of the duets between the good-natured Cinderella (suitably danced barefoot by a lovely Nathalie Nordquist) and The Prince (a passionate Asier Uriagereka), who were, in this case, guided toward each other by the Fairy Godmother. -Pittsburg Post-Gazette


Hermia in A Midsummernight’s Dream (Le Songe) with the Monte-Carlo Ballet.

The scenes with the Athenians are the most academically ”balletic,” and there are some lovely moments. When the Duke takes Hermia — the exquisite Nathalie Nordquist– from Lysander, he literally peels her away limb by limb.  -The Ottawa Citizen


Olga in Onegin with the Royal Swedish Ballet. 

”Nathalie Nordquists Olga, is as exquisite as cherry blossoms, light as a birch leaf. Glittering, quick to mischief.” -Svenska Dagbladet


Isolde in Tristan with The Royal Swedish Ballet.

”The feelings are present in a breathtakingly beautiful pas de deux… Isolde by Nathalie Nordquist is excellent.” – Uppsala Nya Tidning


Bluebird Pas de Deux in Sleeping Beauty with the Royal Swedish Ballet.

”Nathalie Nordquist, a young dancer, who seems incapable of putting a foot wrong, was glorious in the Blue Bird Pas de Deux.” -Dance Europe


Artifact Suite with the Royal Swedish Ballet

”In the duets Nathalie Nordquist and Arsen Mehrabyan shine!” -Svenska Dagbladet







Anna-Karin Karlsson

Photo Ekaterina Belinskaya

Photo Ekaterina Belinskaya

Portraying live, on photo and film, ’The Queen and the Transcending Skipper’ new eyewear collection by Anna-Karin Karlsson. Being launched February/March during fashion weeks in Stockholm/Paris/Milan. Film to be broadcasted on Fashion tv in March. Choreography by Joakim Stephenson and music by Stefan Levin.