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Although salmon proved to be not directly related to the outbreak in Beijing, the seafood and aquatic products merchants involved have suffered heavy losses. Wang Yong, an operator who works at the Shijingshan Jinxiu Dadi Seafood Market, told Jiemian News that although the market has not yet been closed, his seafood products are completely unpopular, and he has to wholesale some vegetables to drive the sales of seafood products. His sources all come from Jingshen Seafood. Since Jingshen closed, all he sells are stocks. "No one dares to sell seafood products, whether it's salmon or not. The restaurant channel used to ask for goods, but now they can't sell them anymore." Wang Yong told Jiemian News. He revealed to Jiemian News that in the past, there were many customers who placed orders through Jingdong Daojia on Saturdays and Sundays. I heard that making seafood in Beijing to make money, Wang Yong only came to Beijing in March to store up less than 100,000 yuan each time, selling it in retail and online formats, but now it is a day of work and a loss of a day. "The value of a single booth of a large wholesaler in Beijing and Shenzhen is millions of yuan, and the loss of a batch of goods for the New Year has been miserable enough. It only gradually recovered in April. In May, I heard that some people started to stock up, and they started to do it all at once. collapsed.".So,is 16 20 or 20 24 king crab cajun seafood bigger?

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Since June 16, a large number of seafood and aquatic products markets have been closed one after another. Located in a seafood market in Laiguangying, Chaoyang District, Adu Seafood is a stall here. All seafood operators received a closure notice on June 15. The operator of Adu Seafood told Jiemian News that there were basically no customers in the market before June 15, and the operators were busy doing nucleic acid testing, and it was officially closed on June 16. Her nucleic acid test result is now negative. She told Jiemian News that she has been eating seafood every day recently. Because living creatures can be raised as long as they can be raised, they must be destroyed if they cannot. "Actually, the impact of the Spring Festival wave is nationwide in the whole industry, but this time it happened in a local area of ​​Beijing, and the whole of Beijing is talking about seafood products. Changes.” The market manager makes it easier for the operators to manage the goods. They will go to the market within a fixed hour (once in the morning and once in the afternoon) to sort out the goods and feed the live seafood. The rest of the time the market is closed, and Adu Seafood has not been received for a long time. Online orders have been placed. Basically, there are activities in Jingdong Daojia 618, and the delivery time has to be delayed. However, she does not expect online platforms. The operator said that on weekdays, the store mainly focuses on store sales, and there are only 10 online orders per day on average, and there has been no single order since June 12..So,how do you know if baking king crab legs in the oven are cooked?

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The retailer's seafood section is similarly dismal. Jiemian News visited aquaculture areas such as Aeon and Yonghui Supermarket. The staff kept stressing that shrimp and crabs are all domestic products. Aeon Seafood Aquatic Area also set up a "Seafood Day" on June 12, but no one cared about it. In Yonghui Supermarket's seafood (including fresh and frozen products), foreign countries account for 70%, and the main countries are Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Domestic 30%, mainly in Jiangsu Province and Fujian Province. At present, salmon has been removed from Yonghui's nationwide stores. Regarding sales data, Yonghui, Hema Xiansheng, and JD Daojia all refused to disclose sales data related to seafood products to Jiemian News. However, from the public comment platform, Hema and Yonghui super species still have consumers buying edible seafood products..So,how to store leftover box of king crab legs?

On the night of June 16, Beijing held the 120th regular press conference on epidemic prevention and control, which brought many people a sigh of relief..

At this press conference, Shi Guoqing, deputy director of the Emergency Center of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and an expert from the expert group of the National Health Commission, informed that there is currently no evidence that salmon is the host or intermediate host of the new coronavirus..

Shi Guoqing also said that in the contaminated local places related to the clustered epidemic in Xinfadi, the salmon was indeed found to be contaminated through testing, but the salmon before entering the contaminated site was not detected with the new coronary pneumonia virus..

So far the salmon has been able to "turn over". On the evening of June 12, Zhang Yuxi, chairman of Beijing Xinfadi Wholesale Market, said in an interview with The Beijing News that the new coronavirus was detected from the chopping board of imported salmon during random inspections by relevant departments..

In fact, in this round of sampling, more than 40 samples in Xinfadi were tested for the new coronavirus. However, Zhang Yuxi only mentioned the "imported salmon chopping board" in the interview, which immediately put the salmon in a "crisis"..

Many Japanese food stores and large supermarkets in Beijing have directly removed salmon products..

Subsequently, the crisis further spread to imported seafood, aquatic products, and even fresh products involving cold chain transportation..

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